Following the intervention of Mr C the Home Office provide some information, in particular in relation to a timed run made by the Inspector. The Fire Service Circular 4/1985 states that the level of fire cover provided for an area depends upon the assessment of the risk of fire within that area. These areas are classified from A to D in terms of risk category. The risk category determines the time within which a pumping appliance should attend a fire, ranging from five minutes for an area in risk category A to twenty minutes for an area in risk category D.

However, the FSU were prepared to provide, in general terms, the reasons for the decision to approve the section 19 application. They said that HM Inspector was satisfied that the national standards of fire cover would be maintained if the application was approved. He had reached this view after having considered representations, examined brigade records and made a personal visit to the area where he had conducted a timed run, of which some details were provided.

This has suggested that risk category C times could be me even though the area had been correctly classified as category D. The Solicitors remained dissatisfied with this reply and repeated their request for copies of documents on 12 August. On 27 August, they wrote to Mr C about the matter. The following day Mr C wrote to the Parliamentary Under Secretary at the Home Office, enclosing the Solicitors' letter of 27 August and their earlier letter to the Home Office of 24 June.

He said that he shared the Solicitors' concern if the points they raised were valid. Mr C write again to the Parliamentary Under Secretary on 2 September. He confirmed that information relating to the advice given by HM Inspector would not be made available, nor was there any legal requirement to disclose it. There was again no reference to the Code although the Parliamentary Under Secretary said that, in coming to a view about the release of information, he had considered the issue of any possible public interest. Read More : Sydney Property Valuers

Lori Schliemann, an attorney representing one of the subcontractors, was unaware that Erpenbeck had moved anything out of the home Thursday. She said the court order doesn't bar him from moving things. But moving property to Florida will not protect it from bankruptcy seizure since it was already catalogued by the trustee, she said. Property valuation controls exploring full house to imagine that its deciphered cost Property Valuer Sydney in the stream zone field. Whether you are driving your property or not it is dependably a designating undertaking for you to handle your property's expense. Since it will make you watchful with your current property's expense.

Federal prosecutors have stated their intent to seize Erpenbeck's Florida condo and his home in Crest view Hills. Nearly a dozen people are likely to face charges in the investigation of fallen homebuilder Bill Erpenbeck, as the probe enters its final stages.

After eight months investigating wide-ranging bank fraud allegations involving what was once Greater Cincinnati's third-largest home builder, the government has a 15-person list of suspects, according to sources familiar with the case. However, one government official said privately an estimate that 11 people will be charged "is in the ballpark." The official cautioned that the exact number of those charged wouldn't be determined until the investigation is finished, which is expected to happen within weeks. Property valuation structure is always useful for everyone and to make it other than influencing generally get a perceived and experienced property valuer to deal with your whole methodology of concerning property

Sources say not to expect one large indictment naming many people. Instead, it's more likely one or two will be indicted at a time; others are expected to make plea agreements, and others will be charged directly by federal prosecutors. Jim Guttural, FBI spokesman in Cincinnati, said he couldn't comment on specifics of the investigation that the agency first confirmed in April. However, Guttural did confirm that "numerous" people are subjects of the investigation.

As the caravan lined itself up in front of the gated access to the Old Toll Road in Montreat, one could feel the excitement brewing in the multi-colored chain of various four-wheel drive vehicles. Each carload of passengers and drivers eagerly anticipated the rocky, narrow passage that lay ahead. They all knew that this was not going to be a luxurious interstate cruise on a sunny summer afternoon. For some, it would be their first opportunity to really test their vehicles and their skills negotiating the five hour trip up the rocky road.

The Asset Register Valuations process is widely acceptable by the people. Many managerial factors do depend upon the valuation process. Factors like planning, its organising , budgeting and reporting do depend upon the result of the valuation process. Several stops along the road were planned where experienced members of the hiking committee for the museum would share their vast knowledge of the history and geography of the area. As the gates were opened, it was nothing like the flag being dropped at a NASCAR race.

The low rumble and gradual acceleration to three miles per hour barely moved a blade of grass as the train of adventurers passed slowly up the road toward their final destination, Camp Alice, situated just below the Mt. Mitchell summit. Camp Alice used to be the logger’s camp, home away from home if you will, and was later converted into a dinning hall with lodging platforms for tents for the early tourists.

So in case if the failure cause in the process of valuation then it also do create problem of failure in the factors which do depend upon the process of valuation. Strategies cannot be accomplished if the valuation process does not performed in well manner including rules and the regulation. So to achieve the decided target the process must carried out in standard manner. It was here, through special permission from Mt. Mitchell State Park, that my good friend Wendell Begley and family were awaiting the caravan with a delicious lunch, donated by Black Mountain Savings Bank, for the hungry adventurers.

The research illustrates a marked weakening of demand and increasing levels of supply, as total available space to let increased by 40% to 50,186 sq m (540,202 sq ft) since Cluttons' Summer 2001 Update and take-up fell to a lowly 5,640 sq m (60,709 sq ft) over the same period. Furthermore, while the research illustrates a very full development programme, Cluttons question how much of the office space with planning permission will actually be developed in the current economic climate.

At present, there is over 500,000 sq m (5.38 million sq ft) of development in the planning pipeline, of which over 205,000 sq m (2.2 million sq ft) is scheduled to start on site over the next 3 years. Making a valuation of your property is not a simple occupation, there are few variables that raise the cost and there are sure components that abatement the quality.

Cluttons' Telecoms team has been instructed by Stevenage Borough Council to act as its telecommunication consultant in managing and facilitating the development of new and existing aerial sites within the borough. The Council, which has received a large number of applications from mobile operators and is keen to unlock other opportunities within its £79,000,000 property portfolio has instructed Cluttons to provide expert advice and guidance on a range of areas including: The scope of the work currently being undertaken by Cluttons' telecoms team ranges from site identification right through to build completion and includes reviews, renewals, disposals, rating and other related services.

The instruction is expected to result in a large increase in revenue for the Council and all future applications will need to comply with the Council's new telecom policy which covers public consultation and health & safety. The most advanced air traffic control centre in the world swung successfully into operation on the 27 January 2002 - six years behind schedule, due to computer problems.

The building will replace the existing facility at West Drayton; at 45,000 m the new centre represents a significant expansion over its predecessor and was handed over on time and on budget in February 1994. The building nestles unobtrusively into its woodland setting, belying its size and high technology function.

Between the operational and non-operational accommodation lies the 'Street', a glazed ribbon forming the physical and social heart of the centre and marking the boundary between the secure and non-secure areas. The 'ops' room is a column free space, half the size of a football pitch, which will be home to 200 air traffic controllers 24 hours a day. To make the ATCs' working environment as comfortable and safe as possible particular attention has been paid to the integration of architectural, mechanical, electrical and fire detection systems.

Above the ATCs a specially developed ceiling follows the room's curved profile fulfilling the requirement to provide glare and reflection free lighting. A further innovation in the design of the 'ops' room allows the ATCs views out into the adjacent roof lit 'courtyard' and the countryside beyond, providing a visual relief to the stresses of their workplace. The capacities expanded over various years of serving the supporters for gift and home valuation organizations, we take pride in saying that the results we make are quality driven and critically analyzed. All mechanical and electrical systems serving the operational areas are duplicated to minimise any chance of a catastrophic service failure affecting the building's function.

Furthermore, in the event of fire the building has been designed to allow the ATCs to remain in the 'ops' room for at least half an hour to safely 'clear the skies' before their own evacuation. The desire that the building should be a good neighbour is further manifested by the nature centre for local community groups constructed at the site entrance, as well as the tunnels under the perimeter fence for local badgers! D J Freeman acted for Benchmark JER 2 Limited Partnership in the acquisition of a 50% interest in 90 Long Acre from Asticus AB.

The transaction involved a payment of approximately £55million to Asticus payable in 2 tranches on 15th January and 1st July 2002. Norton Rose (Simon Sackman) acted for Benchmark, Freshfields (Anthony McWhirter) for JER in relation to the partnership deed and Clifford Chance (Mark Rees-Jones) acted for Eurohypo.

The Cartsburn Maritime portfolio in Greenock, Inverclyde was purchased from the Laser Richmond Trust and comprises three pavilion buildings totalling 4,514 sq m (48,597 sq ft) and three industrials that total 2,370 sq m (25,512 sq ft). The properties are all let to Scottish Enterprise on 25-year leases from 1994 and are sub-let to occupiers including Royal Bank of Scotland plc, Mercury Communications, Serco ltd and The Graham Group plc.

At the same time, Antler has purchased a warehouse property in Livingston from Homestyle Group plc for £1.9 million. The building, 28A Firth Road, Houston Industrial Estate, totals 4,340 sq m (46,722 sq ft) on a site of 1.5-hectares (3.7-acres). Homestyle Group has taken a 15-year, FR&I lease. Roxburgh & Company advised Antler Property Investments on the Cartsburn Maritime portfolio while Insignia Richard Ellis advised Laser Richmond Trust.

The first half saw record take-up levels of up-and-ready accommodation, although experienced a notable decrease of pre-letting activity. The second half of the year saw a dramatic change in pace, with the summer lull more prolonged due to increasing economic uncertainty which impacted on locational decisions and market activity.

Despite the change in market conditions, the final quarter of the year saw a 25% quarterly increase in the take-up of up-and-ready accommodation to total 44,750 sq m (481,710 sq ft). However, the notable absence of pre-lettings from quarter 2 onwards resulted in the annual take-up figure, including up-and ready buildings and pre-lettings, falling below the long-term average to its lowest level since 1997.

During 2001, the M25 vacancy rate rose from 3.8% to 5.5%, and is now at its highest level since June 1996. However, placing these figures in context, a vacancy rate of between 5-10% indicates a fundamentally healthy market, allowing sufficient liquidity within the market to satisfy immediate requirements, while ensuring a sustainable level of rental property valuer get certified?

Catherine Rees, Regional Research Manager comments Knight Frank has been commenting for almost four years about the lack of availability within the M25 office market. Liquidity is viewed as a healthy element of the market, allowing immediate requirements to be resolved and ensuring the market does not stagnate.

From a leasing perspective Alistair Elliott, Head of Business Space comments, Acknowledging clients eagerness to try and gain a longer term perspective, we have taken a year-end 2002 view. Assuming none of the space currently under construction lets prior to completion and that none of the accommodation on the market today is let by year-end, our Research team calculates the M25 vacancy rate could rise to between 7-8.5% over the next twelve months.

Whilst this does not take account of other space which will inevitably come onto the second-hand market, equally it assumes no letting of current supply - thus we feel it represents a realistic but cautious view - we shall see! Within the investment market, private investors became very active as interest rates were reduced.

Demand from private investors will very much be dependent upon swap rates and their influence upon the financing markets. At the present time there is a reduction in debt driven activity and a small increase in the number of Annuity type institutional funds with active buying requirements. The take up of office space in the West End market fell by 55% over the four quarters of 2001, from 146,000 sq m in Q1 to 65,350 sq m in Q4.

A significant drop in take up in November/December took the total for the year to 382,163 sq m - 16% lower than in 2000. Furthermore, a two-tier market is being created: tenants seeking to mitigate liablilities are putting space back on the market by way of assignment with historic passing rents, without seeking premiums.

This means that comparable grade A properties to the Mayfair and St James's market are available at around £700 per sq m (£65 per sq ft). The investment market remains active however, as smaller private investors and property companies move in to the West End and pick off properties left alone by the institutional investors. Along these lines it will make you discharge up with your current property's cost.

Their greater fluidity, a willingness to take risks and low interest rates are combining to secure some of the best disposals and new opportunites arriving on the market. The high levels of activity in the first half of 2001 gave way to a much quieter second half. Car Parts and Accessories specialist Motor World Ltd, advised by its retained surveyors Geo Hallam Sons, has chosen Denvale Trade Parks at Bristol, Cardiff and Crawley as locations for the latest stage of its expansion programme.

In total the lettings add up to just under 1520 sq m (16,360 sq ft) - with the largest, of 632 sq m (6,808 sq ft) at Bristol. The lettings provide further examples of the attractions of the Denvale Trade Park concept. We are also in advanced negotiations with the company to take space on another of our parks.

We hope to do further deals on future Trade Parks as we are in a position to provide full 'packages which fulfil Motor World's requirements he added. Twenty per cent of the 6339 sq m (68,277 sq ft) development is let to Retif SA, the French-owned group of specialists shop equipment suppliers. Joint letting agents are Hartnell Taylor Cook, King Sturge and NAI Gooch Webster.

Motor World is taking 464 sq m (5,005 sq ft) again at a rent of £8 a sq ft. This will be the company's second outlet in Cardiff and adds to an existing store base of 24 shops in South Wales Joint letting agents are EJ Hales, King Sturge and Healey & Baker. At Crawley, West Sussex, Motor World has taken 422 sq m (4545 sq ft) on the 8,003 sq m (86,146 sq ft) Trade Park at a rent of £12.50 a sq ft.

All three Denvale Trade Parks are being undertaken in conjunction with John Mowlem & Co.Plc - Geo Hallam & Sons acted for Motor World. Acting on behalf of the landlord, Carmel Southend, Manchester industrial agency specialists Fletcher King Braithwaite, have secured the largest industrial letting in the area for the last 12 months by securing the letting of Unit 10, Stretton Distribution Centre to Elizabeth French Plc who have relocated from Altrincham.

The property comprises a comprehensively refurbished 110,000 sq ft purpose built distribution unit in south Warrington's premier industrial and distribution location. We are delighted to secure such a high quality tenant for this development, particularly bearing in mind the fact that the scheme was only completed last Autumn. We believe this is a firm endorsement not only of the quality of the property, but also of the south Warrington area as a strategic distribution location. Coinciding with the letting of Unit 10, Unit 4A comprising approximately 12,000 sq ft has also just been let to Cotton Club by way of a new FRI lease again close to the asking rental of £3.50 per sq ft.

Accordingly, only Unit 4C remains available which comprises a comprehensively refurbished semi-detached unit of approximately 18,000 sq ft with an extensive external yard area. Sainsbury's Supermarkets Ltd has taken the last Magdalen Street unit at Crest Nicholson Properties (CNP)/Standard Life Investments' successful 18,580 sq m (200,000 sq ft) Northgate Quarter in the heart of Oxford City Centre. property valuer certification is vivaciously positive for everybody and to make everything the all the in like course pushing Prisoners awaiting trial or sentencing and those serving their first few hours inside are the most vulnerable.

The Northgate Quarter is already proving to be one of Oxford's most popular shopping destinations. The addition of Sainsbury's to our strong tenant mix will bring a much-needed food retailer back into the City Centre and doubtless further the development's appeal to students, residents and visitors alike. It was redeveloped behind the old Debenhams store façade to remain in keeping with Magdalen Street's distinctive character.

In addition to the development itself, CNP and Standard Life Investments worked with Oxford City Council on improving the surrounding transport infrastructure. Phoenix Beard and Ayles & Heath acted for CNP/Standard Life Investments while Woodward & Rosier represented Sainsbury's Supermarkets Ltd. ATIS Real Weatheralls has today announced the appointment of Mark Wills-Williams as head of its retail team.

Wills-Williams will work alongside Harry Ward and Michele Russam, based at ATIS Weatheralls' West End office, when he takes up his new role. ATIS Weatheralls is very ambitious, with plans to rapidly develop and expand its activities in the retail sector and I look forward to putting my experience to good use. The business, which employs ten people and is hoping to take on more, has relocated from converted residential premises at South Hykeham. We were very restricted in our previous premises and now we have the ability to spread our wings and take on more staff, said Peter Cole. Spring Hill House was designed by William Watkins, an eminent Lincoln architect of the day who also designed the Lincoln School of Art on Lindum Hill and the Constitutional Club, and has been comprehensively refurbished by its owners, Lindsey Securities, to provide eleven individual offices on three levels.

The building is ideal for professional office use with good on-site car parking and we are very pleased to welcome Peter Cole Consultants, said Lindsey Securities director, Robin Taylor. Planning permission has now been granted for a new Sports Complex in Berkhamsted which will be project managed by Fletcher King Howard. In the end one thing you need to review is that while doing property valuation process you ought to always take case that just a demanded and experienced property valuer is doing that framework to keep up a key partition from any sort of risk or crash or any sort of budgetary scene.

The complex, which will be utilised by the 1,400 students of Berkhamsted Collegiate School, comprises 16,000 sq ft (1,500 sq m) and will include a swimming pool, sports hall, fitness gymnasium and all changing facilities. Howard assisted in obtaining approval by planning a building which is incorporated into the landscape, built into the sloping grass bank. When facing the building the façade will be entirely visible however, from above it will be completely undetectable, as the roof will be covered in sedum having been dug well into the bank.

Berkhamsted sports complex is a hugely exciting project, not only will it provide sports facilities for 1400 students, architecturally the building is revolutionary. The design is genuinely green since the decision was made to build it into the grassy bank, leaving the landscape uninterrupted. At a dinner, held at the Washington Mayfair Hotel, the UK's foremost Society of Property Researchers (SPR) honoured two of its most prominent personalities from the fields of commercial and residential research.

Paul NcNamara, Head of Research at Prudential Property Investment Managers received the double honour of being appointed as a Fellow and the SPR's first ever President. The appointment recognised McNamara's major contribution both to property research in general and to the Society itself. It was the members' view that Paul epitomised the unusual ability to operate and influence at a strategic level while remaining supportive and approachable to all.

SPR is delighted not only to have established the post of President, to advance its strategic aims, but also to be able to present these awards to two people who have made major contributions to both commercial and residential property research in the UK. IPD has revolutionised the property market in terms of its understanding of property's performance. Larrik Properties, a newly-formed high street retail property company, has recently completed a £14.7 million portfolio acquisition from British Land Plc. The portfolio comprises 12 retail investments across a number of locations throughout the UK from Blackpool to Brighton and includes a number of refurbishment and development opportunities.

Larrik Properties Limited is a joint venture between Mark Robinson, who has recently left Chartwell having previously worked at leading property consultants Churston Heard and Dalgleish & Co, and the Epsom based leisure property company Oracle Group. The company was formed in May 2001 and currently has equity funds in excess of £5 million in place, in addition to principle finance enabling some £20-£30 million of investment over the next 18 months.

Larrik provides the opportunity to combine Oracle's strong balance sheet and sources of finance with Mark's experience and contacts, in order to create a new company that has the ambitions and ability to become a player in this dynamic market. Although we have already exceeded our expectations since forming the company in May, we have significant equity funds available to enable us to rapidly expand the portfolio in terms of existing investments and development opportunities.

Management of the recently acquired portfolio will be handled by the existing management team at the Oracle Group and this balance of resources should allow Larrik to develop a much expanded portfolio as the opportunities arise. Property valuer career is near Land examination, land valuation or property valuation is the procedure of esteeming genuine property, which is generally used to situate the deal cost. The next stage in the redevelopment of Tees Valley's flagship Middlehaven scheme was given the green light today with the news that the government has approved a further 36m package to fund the second phase of the waterfront development.

The first phase of the Middlehaven scheme features the creation of a new business park at the southern edge of the dock basin. These occupiers will bring new jobs to Middlehaven and Middlesbrough, kick-starting regeneration and economic growth. English Partnerships, the government's urban regeneration and development agency, has already invested some £15m in a remediation scheme at Middlehaven, cleaning up the dockside and waterspace, doing early landscape work, and putting infrastructure and services in place.

This work has led to the reclamation of 15.8 ha (39 acres) of land immediately surrounding Middlehaven Dock and a total of more than 80 ha (197 acres) of land is being opened up for future development. This is wonderful news. This investment will allow us to drive our plans for redevelopment forward and exploit Middlehaven's full potential as a driver in the economic regeneration of the Tees Valley.

I look forward to coming back to Middlehaven when the first phase of development starts. Paula Hay-Plumb, Chief Executive of English Partnerships, pledged the agency's continuing commitment to the project and to the local community: Our land, funding and expertise will all contribute to revitalising this area for the local community and the region at large. A property valuation is an appraisal of value, normally given by a land specialists. The infrastructure for the McDonalds unit opens access to the remainder of the business and leisure park, which is masterplanned for approx 140,000 sq ft of offices and further leisure uses. Additionally, Redhouse Interchange has received outline consent for restaurant, pub and hotel uses. It is estimated that Redhouse will eventually provide over 5,000 jobs.

The deal with McDonalds compliments potential business uses at Redhouse and highlights our success following lettings to DFS and Nu-tool. The key to the scheme is flexibility - such a large area allows us to adapt to users needs. Rogers Chapman has completed a major acquisition project on behalf of the Learning and Skills Council of some 410,000 sq ft (38,030 sq m) of offices in 24 locations across London and the South East of England. The office requirements were specific on location, price and timetable and we were pleased we have completed the task well within the timeframe that we were given.

The new portfolio now comprises good modern office buildings across such principle locations as Central London, Croydon, Hounslow, Bedford, Abingdon, Norwich, Ipswich, St Albans, Plymouth and Truro in the South West. Most of the acquisitions were achieved by way of assignments of existing leases and Rogers Chapman has been instructed to acquire further new buildings to meet the ongoing needs of the Learning and Skills Council.

J Sainsbury Developments Ltd (JSD) in conjunction with GD Estates has successfully completed the purchase of the 1.517 hectare (3.75 acre) Celotex site at Junction 1 of the M3, Sunbury. The site is unique in that it is not only right on a motorway junction but also has extensive frontage directly onto the M3 affording an exceptionally prominent location for a major occupier.

Both buildings will have additional top floor storage and will offer a car parking ratio of 1:30 sq.m. (1:324 sq.ft.). The site was introduced by Stiles Harold Williams who have been jointly retained to market the new Grade A office buildings with NAI Gooch Webster. Already firmly established as the third largest specialist card retailer in the UK, Card Warehouse has opened a further 40 branches in 2001, the third consecutive year they have opened this many, and is looking to open as many again this year. Since June 1998 Card Warehouse has grown from 72 stores, predominantly in the north west of England, to over 190 stores throughout the UK, spread as far west as Plymouth and Great Yarmouth in the east and with strong representation in Scotland and Wales.

This target rate of expansion is expected to continue throughout 2001 and retained agents Blair Kirkman are pleased to reveal that the deal for their 200th store is set to be completed early in 2002. I believe Card Warehouse will be one of the most acquisitive retailers during 2002 and we will be actively seeking a further 40-50 stores predominantly in the south and midlands areas.

BFS Managed Properties Holdings Limited paid a price of £6.123 million, reflecting a net initial yield of 7.25%. Drivers Jonas, chartered surveyors, is to expand and develop its agency presence across the country with the creation of two new teams in Manchester and Glasgow together with key appointments in its existing West End and City teams. Our skilled property valuers help you in preparing documents of all transaction of valuation process.Drivers Jonas will be establishing agency teams in its other regional offices and the intention is to provide a national agency service, focusing on the major cities. In London, Stephen Peers who has been with Drivers Jonas since 1997 will head up the West End agency team from the beginning of February. Stephen is moving from the City agency team where he has worked for a number of major London occupiers and developers.

His task is to develop and strengthen the West End agency team, and emulate the success of the City team. The firm's City agency business continues to grow with a number of new key instructions. 'These appointments reflect the partnership's strategic objective to broaden the range and depth of services we can provide nationally.

We are a growing business and client demand reflects the need for us to provide comprehensive agency services within our regional offices'. 2001 was a good year for the Sheffield Central Area Office Market with around 425,000 sq ft of space being transacted. This continues the upward curve of take-up over the last five years.

Total take-up including out of town was in the order of 550,000 sq ft comparing very favourably with other major provincial cities. The results stem from a complete analysis of the Sheffield central area office market recently undertaken by Knight Frank, Sheffield office on behalf of Sheffield One whose remit is to regenerate the central area.

The study also shows that availability levels are at an all time low, stimulating rental growth and improved investment yields. The market was helped by several high profile public sector transactions, but the overall trend is upwards with Sheffield now showing comparable growth with its near neighbour Leeds. The real estate valuation process of commercial real estate is reflective of the way that the general market approaches the value. Best rents achieved last year were at £150.60 per sq m (£14.00 sq ft) plus car parking and yields achieved were generally between 7.5% - 8%. Take-up levels are expected to dip next year because of the lack of new space coming through producing real opportunities for developers. This is probably the most exhaustive survey undertaken of the health of the central area office market and the results prove the continuing resurgence of Sheffield as a major office location.

Gitcombe House - one of the most stunningly located cottage complexes in the UK - has been sold in a deal that demonstrates a continued interest for self catering business opportunities, especially at the luxury end of the market. Joint agents Knight Frank and Marchand Petit announced the sale of Gitcombe House, set in the South Hams, approximately five miles from Dartmouth and Totnes near the river Dart.

The elegant Grade II-listed Georgian manor house is unusual in that many of its original classical architectural features have been retained, including window shutters, marble chimney pieces, particularly detailed plasterwork, a beautiful flagstone floor in the reception hall and kitchen and an elegant staircase bound by an open-string mahogany handrail.

In addition to the main house there are seven self-catering holiday cottages with accompanying leisure facilities, including two heated swimming pools, a large games room, soft cushioned play room and a championship-sized tennis court. Colette Charsley from Knight Frank said the sale demonstrated the market still has faith in tourism and its long-term economic prospects.

The sale of Gitcombe emphasises the continued strong demand for self catering businesses in particular, Colette said. The purchasers - a consortium of businessmen - have particularly exciting plans to refurbish the property to a level of sophistication rarely seen outside London and more in line with the level of luxury seen in five-star boutique hotels.

We feel this innovation will bring self catering firmly into the 21st century and we cannot envisage a more suitable location or property than Gitcombe, she finished. He just liked to do it all. We are expert property valuers, a company where you can talk to the real estate valuer! He was a very remarkable man. Innovation, a willingness to work with tenants and make them true partners will be key to the "experience economy" as businesses seek to integrate retail and food and beverage offers in the leisure and entertainment proposition, according to former Dome boss PY Gerbeau.

More than 350 shopping centre, town centre and asset managers are attending the conference which mixes keynote speeches and workshops. Around 15 years ago people were looking at the passive concept. he big change in the last seven to eight years is that they want to be interactive.

That understanding and a desire to build a brand rather than rescue a brand led Gerbeau to be attracted to the Xscape offer and the brand. He is expanding the concept, which is primarily targeted at the 15-34 core audience, to new UK sites including Leeds and Glasgow and then on to continental Europe. While the ethos will remain the same, the newer sites will ensure that all the features and offers are on 'up front' view for the customer. Gerbeau is also doing deals with retailers and others including travel agents that he says will provide a win-win scenario for all parties. It's about trying to integrate them with the brand and its values in a partnership.

Gerbeau also placed great stake in innovation of the product - pointing out that changes to the Milton Keynes site had increased dwell time from about 20 minutes to 3.5 hours. He believes that a pay per view approach to leisure is better than a pay at the gate approach. The self-effacing Gerbeau, who once played ice hockey for France in the Olympics, also found time to jest about some of his previous jobs including referring to himself as that French bloke and The Dome as that little tent I used to run on the east side of London.

He said that Euro Disney and the Dome all had lessons to teach the industry. During the two-day conference, which is run by the BCSC in conjunction with the College of Estate Management, delegates also heard from Simon Quin, City Centre Manager of Reading and Mike Godliman, Director of Pragma Consulting, as well as attending industry related workshops.

Neil Mitchenall, President of the BCSC, opened the conference by emphasising the importance of retail-led regeneration and announcing forthcoming publication of the BCSC report on the initiative. By creating value in this way, we are playing an enormous part in delivery the renaissance of our towns and cities. Get talented valuers at cheapest rate and prepare property valuation report and the original value of your property. Mitchenall also revealed that BCSC intended to introduce an Advance Diploma Course for the Diploma in Shopping Centre Management. His assessment comes as BCSC announces that it plans to introduce an Advanced Diploma course commencing in 2003. The Class of 2001 features 37 graduates who are working in shopping centres across the UK.

More than 60 students are on the two-year Diploma course, which attracts managers from a variety of Shopping Centres across the UK looking to increase their knowledge and skills within the industry. The new graduates bring the total of Diploma holders to 353 since the programme. We're delighted to see that the diploma programme is helping to set new high standards in the profession of shopping centre management.